Passport to the World

Passport to the World was born of the desire to discover or rediscover a variety of world destinations, both known and unknown by the general public, by means of high-quality films presented in movie theatres.

Passport to the World exclusively presents professionally filmed productions in high definition and surround sound 5.1, produced by Canadian and foreign filmmakers. These films depict an overall portrait of a country or region, similar to a guide book, but with images and sound!

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Thailand: Asia’s Paradise -

84 minutes | Canada | 2018
Directors: Simon C Vaillancourt et Lyne Lefort

Thailand, the main magnet for tourists in Southeast Asia, is overflowing

Corsica: Mediterranean Splendour -

90 minutes | Canada | 2018
Director: Fannie Leblond

Corsica springs from the Mediterranean like a jewel from the sea. Its picturesque shorelines

Route 66: Kitsch and Mythical -

90 minutes | Canada | 2018
Réalisateur : Nicolas Breton

The United States is home to a highway that has captured imaginations for

Madagascar: Smiley Island -

90 minutes | Canada | 2018
Director: Annie-Claude Roberge

Madagascar is a synonym for biodiversity and is one of the

The Great North: From Greenland to Siberia -

90 minutes | Canada, France | 2017
Director: Jacques Ducoin

The Far North is a little-known world, a hostile land ruled

Hong Kong: From East and West -

90 minutes | Canada | 2018
Director: Yohan Leduc

Hong Kong bills itself as a region unique in the world with

Peru: Inca Sun -

90 minutes | Canada| 2018
Director: Mèlik Benkritly

Peru, the centre of the Inca Empire, preserves a number of traces of

Ireland: Emerald Island -

90 minutes | Canada | 2017
Director: Mèlik Benkritly

Green is the first thing that people associate with Ireland. Green plains

Passport to the World – 2017-2018 season