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You probably know now how much I appreciate animation movies from both Disney and  Dreamworks. So it is without any surprise that I am bringing another one on my blog: Moana. Moana is Disney’s newest animation movie and it is telling the story of Moana, the island chief’s daughter, who sees herself called by the ocean to find the demigod Maui (Dwayne Johnson) who happens to have stolen the heart of the goddess Te Fiti, spreading, intentionally, darkness over the islands and the ocean. Once she has found him, Moana will have to bring him throughout the Pacific ocean to restore the heart and the peace of nature.

Based on Polynesian myths, Moana is just beautifully and amazingly well done.  The animation is full of details. When they are sailing through the ocean, you can perfectly  see Moana’s hair being blown by the wind. Also, the detailed work that was done on the eyes of the characters makes them much more believable, considering the emotions are perceptible through them; which, in turns, reaches us more. Another thing in the animation that I really  appreciated was the realism of the animations. Going from the vegetation to the colors of the ocean was really accurate; which made us believe this world was real for the duration of themaui movie.

One of the other thing that I loved was the touching moments that were presented in the movie. Many times, you can have a teary eye, not because it is sad, but because we can totally relate to the relationship Moana has with her grandmother and Maui (which looks like a sister-brother relationship).

Ok… let’s take a break from touching to go to funny. You probably saw recently that Disney has some weird birds in their movies (like Beckie in Finding Dory); well Moana is no exception. In this film, you will have the beautiful chance to see Heihei, the rooster. I will make this clear: I still don’t know how he made it to the end of the movie. He is hilarious, but it is incredible how stupid he is. He ate a rock twice (and couldn’t swallow it of course) and sat inside of a campfire… This gives heihei-2you an idea of how weird this chicken is; but anyway he is still funny and there throughout the movie.

Something that surprised me though with this movie was its darkness. Let me explain here: usually, you will see in Disney some cute stories, sometimes, yes, sad stories, but you never have a doubt that a character will maybe end up dead. That happened in Moana towards the end with Maui. I was doubting that he would stay alive until the end (which doesn’t happen, be assured). There were small children in the place and they weren’t scared so don’t worry about going to it with your child(ren) though; it is still a very good movie to see with the family.

So if you want to know: yes I recommend it. I recommend it like 1000 times!!! And don’t think that you can’t go and see it if you don’t have a child with you. I am 18 years old and I was one of the youngest in the theater 😉 . Go and watch it, it is worth it either in 3D or in 2D.

PS: STAY UNTIL THE END 🙂 There’s a little video after the credits.

PS to the parents: Be prepared because a couple of years ago, it was « Let it go » that your children were singing, now it is going to be « How far I’ll go » from Moana.

Now here’s the trailer!!!

Oh and, of course, the song!

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