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Qui sera le meilleur distributeur pour 2015 ?

La réussite d’un distributeur se joue sur la réussite de ses films. Et pour cela il doit savoir présenter des films de qualité, mais surtout trouver LE blockbuster, celui qui saura attirer les foules au cinéma. Bon an mal an, les principaux distributeurs (20th Century Fox, Buena Vista /Disney, Warner Bros., Sony, Universal, Paramount) se […]

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Help Aylmer Food Bank

For the 8th consecutive year, the Aylmer Food Bank is pursuing a mutual aid project called The Christmas Sharing Store. It is an alternative to the Christmas basket offered by the St Vincent de Paul. The goal is to give a helping hand to Aylmer residents so that they can do their Christmas groceries at […]

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Christmas is coming … for everybody

This year once again we are participating in gift giving holiday spirit by offering gifts to many assocations : the community centre “Entre nous”, Aylmer’s food bank and many other Christmas baskets. We are glad to offer gifts to teens, the ones that also need a holiday cheer.

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